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check out this great site for hot bear parties and the best pool party you will ever attend!!! Here are links from their main site http://www.musclebearz.com

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Thanks to everyone who's written to us about the move to Albuquerque. We're really looking forward to it!! Any of your Musclebearz buddies in the area, be sure to drop us a line! This will probably be the last update until we get somewhat settled, but look for us to be back BIGGER and BETTER than ever in just a short while. The site will stay active...don't worry about that!  :-)

As for this update, we finally had a chance to post pics from IBR and the Musclebearz Workout. Check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Finally, here's one last group of Musclebearz Buddies before the move.

Thanks for everything, and see you in Albuquerque!



Lots of information to pass on to you this time!

First, is the MUSCLEBEARZ WORKOUT at Gold's Gym in San Francisco during IBR weekend. Once again, this is a very casual affair...just show up and LIFT! :-)  See you at Gold's on Brannan on Saturday the 17th at 11am or so.

Next, Harry, Randy, and the BeefyBoyz wanted us to tell you about the SWEAT Party during IBR. We went last year, and it's a great time! You've gotta go!

Next, check out our newest page of Musclebearz Buddies, BUDDIES 39. You'll be glad you did!

Finally, some news of a more personal nature.

After years in the SF Bay area, we've decided to cash in. That's right, we're on the move, this time in a permanent way. We're heading to Albuquerque, New Mexico, John's hometown. We'll miss the Bay Area a ton, but the time is right to make a move. We can buy a place outright in Albuquerque for cash and have no mortgage. This means that Charlie can go back to school, and both of us will have more discretionary income. 

We'll have our place on the market in the next week or so, and look to make the move early in March. We could use your advice on finding a real estate agent, areas of the city to live, fun activities, movers, local gyms, and anything else you want to share with us about Albuquerque. Drop us a note and let us know any information you've got! :-)

Don't worry!  Musclebearz.com isn't going anywhere, but will be on hold while we get settled. We'll try to get one more update posted after IBR weekend, but no promises...you know how moving is!  :-) We will be back with regular updates as soon as we get settled in New Mexico. We'll also be back in California for visits, because we'll miss everyone here!! And of course, if you're "making that left turn in Albuquerque," drop us a line. Maybe we can meet up for some decent Mexican food and a workout! :-)

So, until later, see you at IBR, and on the road to Albuquerque!!


1/3/01 -- FINALLY!!

We know!  Almost two months without an update. Shame on us!  But we hope you'll find it was worth the wait. 

First, check out two new pages of Musclebearz Buddies, BUDDIES 37 and BUDDIES 38.

After that, take a look at the fun we had in Europe, along with the hunky guys we met there! Check out our VACATION 2000 pages here.

Finally, Musclebearz Buddies TOM and MORGAN had a little get together right before the new year. The food was terrific, but it was a "little" puppy that stole everyone's heart. Take a look at the festivities here...

Well, that's plenty to catch up on right now. As always, let us know what you think.  We hope you had a great holiday and will have an even better New Year! Thanks for your support in 2000, and here's to a terrific 2001!!!



We're back!  Did you miss us?  :-) Anyhow, we've been swamped with work and travel, so it looks like this will be the only update this month. Check back in early December though for pics from our trip to NYC, London, and Amsterdam! 

With this update, you'll see some HUGE guys on our most recent Musclebearz Buddy page, BUDDIES 36. We think you'll like this one! :-)

Anyhow, that's it for now. We hope to see some of you in NYC, London, or Amsterdam later this month. We're always looking to meet up with other beefy guys for dinner, the gym, or just hanging out! Let us know if you'll be around. Hope to hear from you soon! 



Another day, another update!  :-)  This one's good though. Bob of the BEEFYBOYZ had a birthday this last weekend and there was a pool party in his honor. Check out the pics here

Also, our Musclebearz buddy ED sent us some updated pics from his powerlifting contest a few months ago. He won, by the way! :-)  Take a look at the pics here, and then drop him a line to congratulate him!

Finally, a travel note...we'll be going on vacation next month. We'll be in New York City, London, and Amsterdam. If you live in any of those places, drop us a line! We'd love to hear about things to do, decent gyms, good places to eat, and so on. We're always looking to meet up with any other Musclebearz  for gym workouts, meals, and just hanging out.  Write us!

Thanks again for all the support on the site. We're really glad a few of you out there seem to enjoy it. ;-)  Talk to you again soon!!



Well, FOLSOM STREET FAIR was a blast!  We really enjoyed seeing everyone. Check out our two pages of Musclebearz Beef, PART 1 here, and PART 2 here. You can also see more on our buddy's pages, The BEEFYBOYZ, The BEEFYDRAGON, and ERIC.

Our buddy STEVE has been busy entering some bodybuilding competitions lately, and he's been doing really well. You can see a couple of pics of him on stage here.

Finally, we've posted a new Buddies page, BUDDIES 35. Check it out and enjoy! :-)

As always, let us know what you think. We love the e-mail we get from the site. Thanks for your support! Send more pics! :-)



There's quite a bit to see with this update. First, our buddy JIM sent a few new pics from BEARS GET WET. Thanks again, BIG man!  :-)

Next, we've got quite a few new additions to BUDDIES 34. As always, please drop the guys a note and thanks them for sharing their pics.

Finally, our buddies the BEEFYBOYZ had a little pool party to celebrate BeefyBoy Jim's birthday. We've got two pages of pics, Part One and Part Two.  Lot's of fur and beef to see here! :-)

We're experimenting with making our thumbnails on the picture pages a little larger and of higher quality. This will mean a slightly longer download time, but a much clearer page. Now you can actually see that the pic is before you decide to click on it. Let us know what you think. 

One last thing...here are links to information on

We hope to see you there!  Come up and say HI, if you are going to be there! We'd love to meet you!



BEARS GET WET went off yesterday without a hitch and it was a lot of fun! You can see some pics here.  Thanks to CHUCK and ROBERT for organizing such a fun afternoon!

Our Musclebearz Buddy MICHAEL entered a bodybuilding show.  How did he do?  Find out by clicking here! :-)

For those of you who couldn't get enough of our Lazy Bear Weekend pics, our buddy JIM has contributed a few that he took. Check them out here. Thanks for sharing, JIM! :-)

Finally, a quick note. We know that a lot of people out there are writing to those of you who contribute to our site. After all, making new buddies is part of the fun of a community like ours. We just ask that if you decide to actually follow through on a meeting with someone who writes you, please use a little common sense and be careful. Although we know almost all the guys who post here and can tell you what great guys they are, we can't do the same for anyone else who might be writing you. There are those out there with less than honorable intentions, and we've heard that they might be using websites like ours to meet people. All we are saying, is play safe and BE CAREFUL!

Enough of the soapbox for this update. If you have anything to share with us, please drop us a line!  Thanks!!



We're back from all the travel!  Thanks for all of you who came up and said "HI!" We always enjoy making new buddies! :-)

First, check out our information page for BEARS GET WET on Saturday, August 12 at the Waterslides in Manteca. All the details are there, along with a map and a link to the Waterslides' website. We hope to see you there....it's always a ton of fun! 

Finally, we've got what many of you have been waiting for...not one, not two, but three pages of pictures from LAZYBEAR WEEKEND! Check them out here:  Lazy Bear 2000, Part 1; Lazy Bear 2000, Part 2; Lazy Bear 2000, Part 3. As always, let us know what you think! Thanks, and we'll see you all at the Waterslides in Manteca!



Just a quick update here before our trip to LAZYBEAR WEEKEND and to New Orleans. We've posted a new Musclebearz Buddy page, BUDDIES 33. Check it out and let us know what you think!

We hope to see lots of you up at Lazy Bear and in New Orleans. If you see us, come up and say HI! Drop us a line if you live in New Orleans, and want to meet up for a meal or to lift...we always like making new friends!

Don't forget, DORE ALLEY FAIR, on July 30, and BEARS GET WET at the Manteca Waterslides on August 12. We'll see you guys at BEARS GET WET, if not before.  Thanks and enjoy the update!!



Once again, sorry for the lateness of this update.  On the plus side, you have a lot of new stuff to look at now.  We hope you'll find it worth the wait! :-)

First, we have two new Musclebearz Buddy pages, BUDDIES 31 and BUDDIES 32. Lots of updates and new buddies for you to meet!

Next, check out the pages from San Jose Gay Pride 2000...the Parade, the Festival, and the Headline Entertainer...  :-)

Also, here are a few upcoming dates for some MUSCLEBEARZ events....you'll probably see us and a lot of our buddies at these, so come up and say HI if you see us!

Finally, we'll be traveling some this month...John for work, and Charlie to keep John company! :-)  We'll be in Orange County and LA on July 10-19 and in New Orleans on July 24-August 4. If you are going to be in either place and want to lift or go eat or something, let us know!  We'd also appreciate any suggestions you have for fun things to do and see while we are there! Thanks!



We had a great time in Chicago!  Thanks to everyone we met! We've divided the pictures into two sections:  pictures from various events and around the hotel, and pictures from the Musclebearz Workout at Quads Gym. We'd love your help with the captions. You can help if you are in one of the pictures. Just drop us a note and let us know your name, location, and e-mail address. We'll happily add your name to the caption if we don't already know it!

Also new this update is a couple of updated buddy pics and a powerlifting victory from our buddy ED, in Toledo.

Finally, we get a lot of people asking us for the dates of various events that you might see us at. Well, here are a few that we know of, along with some helpful web links so you can get some more information:

Hope to see you all there!  Come up and say HI if you see us!  :-)



Musclebearz Workout during Bear Pride...Quads' Gym on Broadway...2pm...Saturday, May 27, 2000

OK...here are the details for the Musclebearz Workout at Bear Pride in Chicago. Meet at Quads' Gym at 2pm on Saturday, May 27, 2000. Quads' Gym is located at 3727 North Broadway, in "Boystown," the Halsted area of Chicago. The phone number is 773-404-PUMP. The day membership fee is $9.00, which is actually fairly reasonable. There will be shuttle buses from the host hotel to the Halsted area that day, all day long, so you can catch a ride right from the hotel. To get directions from the hotel to the gym if you are driving yourself, click here.

If you are going to join us for the workout, let us know!  We'll keep an eye out for you!

What other events are we going to?  Well, we'll be at LAZY BEAR WEEKEND! For details on this July 20-24 event up at the Russian River, click the logo below! We'll also be at the SWEAT party at CLUB FAB in Guerneville that weekend. If you went to the SWEAT party during IBR, you know this one's going to be a good one! Hope to see you all there!

For updates to our site, this time we have another Musclebearz Buddy page. Also, the SFBearBudz, Rey and Mike, had a terrific BBQ last weekend. Catch some pics from it here!  Thanks for the invite, guys...

We'll see you in Chicago for Bear Pride and the Musclebearz Workout! 



First of all, we want to thank Drew Murray from "UNZIPPED" magazine. He reviewed our humble website in the April 25, 2000 edition of their magazine. Let me quote to you a sentence or two from the review...

"Like the mountain men of yore, these guys are big and thick and rugged, and look incredibly strong. They're also solid in their identity and sexuality, something I encounter infrequently in the community and even more rarely on the Web. These guys are gay and comfortable with it..."

He's talking about you, everyone!  :-)  Thanks for helping us to make this a resource for the whole community, and their allies. We hope to live up to the hype! :-)

On another note, we're planning our second annual Musclebearz Workout at Quads Gym in Chicago during Bear Pride there. Right now we're hoping to get there on Saturday afternoon, May 27th, around one or 2pm. Look for more details in the next update, and let us know if you think you'd like to attend. If you want to know what you might be in store for, check out last year's workout here!

Finally, with this update you'll find two new Musclebearz Buddy pages, Buddies 28 and Buddies 29. Let the guys know you appreciate their contributions by dropping them a note.  And, as always, let us know what you think about our efforts here!  Thanks!


Just a quick update, so it wont take so much work...  :-) We have the start of a new buddy page, and our Musclebearz Buddy MYLES from Chicago sends in a terrific series of progress pics!

That's it for now. Let us know what you think!


Howdy!  Been almost a month and we know a lot of you have been waiting for an update!  Here it is! Since we waited so long, you get a whole two new pages of buddies, Buddies 25 and Buddies 26. You can also see some updated progress pics of John, taken this month.

We went skiing up in Whistler, Canada and had a great time. On both new buddy pages, you can see a few pics of some the people we met up there and along the way. As far as future travel, we are planning on going to BEAR PRIDE in Chicago over Memorial Day weekend in May. We are hoping to also do a trip to the east coast and Europe sometime later this year, depending on when we can find a good travel bargain.

As always, if you are coming to the SF area, and want to lift or go eat or something, just let us know. We are always looking to meet up with other beefy guys for the gym, dinner, or just hanging out!  :-)  And as always, even if you are not coming out here soon, let us know what you think of our updates!  Also, drop an e-mail to our new MuscleBearz Buddies.  You'll be glad you did!


Hello, everyone. We hope you all made it home safe from IBR, if you made it out here. We saw a ton of you, and met quite a few new friends. Thanks for coming up to say HI!   ;-)  We took some pictures at the Online Party and also at  the "After-SWEAT" Brunch, thrown by MuscleBearz buddy HARRY. The SWEAT MuscleBear Dance party was awesome! You can check out some pics of it over at the BEEFYBOYZ page. Thanks for a great party, guys, and let's do it again SOON!!!

We've also posted a new page of buddy pics, our buddy KEITH kicks off the BEARS DO GOOD 2000 page with his powerlifting accomplishments, and two Maryland MuscleBearz show us how to get HUGE legs over on our FEBRUARY 2000 GYM PICS page.

As always, thanks for all the notes and e-mails. Please write and let us know how you are doing....send a picture or two also...WOOF!   :-)



Howdy, everyone!  Hope you all are doing well. We've been on a self-improvement kick here, and really trying to hit the gym hard to get as big as possible! How are we doing? Well, you can check out a start of some progress pics of us, and some of the killer workouts we've been having! Let us know what you think.

We also have a new page of updated and new buddies to share with you. Why not drop these guys a line and thank them for sharing their pics with us all! ;-)

The next update will be after International Bear Rendezvous. If you see us out and about, please come up and say HI! We love meeting new people, and IBR is a great time to do it!  Have a great time there if we don't see ya. Write and tell us about your adventures......



Two updates in one month....must be some kind of record!  ;-)

Anyhow, thanks for the response on the roommate situation. It turns out that our current roommate isn't getting transferred after all, so the room won't be available. If we hear of anything, though, for those of you who wrote, we'll pass your e-mail along to the people renting. Thanks again!

We've also had to change servers for the webpage again. It turns out our little site here is kinda popular, with over 12 gigabytes of information being served each month. That's equivalent to over 12,000 floppy disks worth of musclebearz buddies each month! We knew we were beefy, but had no idea!  The new server should allow the traffic we need, at least in the meantime, and at not much additional cost. This brings up something else, if you'll indulge us for just a minute here....

Some people have asked us why we don't just accept ads or make you buy a subscription to access this site since it's so popular. The reason is simple. This is not a commercial site. It never will be. This site is intended to just be kind of a record of our lives and those of our friends. Ever since we started this little project up back in June of 1998, that's what we wanted. We also don't think it's fair to make money off of pictures that you all have sent in or have appeared in.

We also think we are providing kind of a service, one that we are happy to do. Every week, we get one or two letters from someone who has seen our site and thanks us. You see they are in the process of coming out or know someone who is. They are glad to see positive images of gay men having fun and having REAL lives. Not a television, religious, or pornographic stereotype, but REAL men...masculine men...and most importantly, HAPPY GAY MEN!

We know that even in the gay community images of guys like you see on these pages are rare indeed. We're happy to let people know that it's ok to be gay...ok to be hairy...ok to be big and beefy...ok to be madly in love...ok to be anything at all...as long as you are happy with yourself!

We never set out to be role models, as I'm sure that none of the guys who appear here have. We just hope that the support our little site can provide is worth something to you. The few bucks we blow getting these images out there are worth it. Trust us on that.

OK...enough with the soapbox....and on with the BEEF! ;-)  We've got a really nice update of buddy pictures. You can also see we're trying to do something with the page layout so the page downloads to your computer faster. Let us know what you think!

Once again, thanks to all of you...whether you are pictured on here or not. ;-)




First, if you know anyone who is looking for housing in the SF Bay area, we will have a room for rent at our townhouse in Santa Clara. The room will be available the middle of February. It's convenient to CalTrain, buses, and the freeways. You'll get your bedroom, your own bathroom, and run of the townhome, including kitchen, laundry room, and TV room with entertainment equipment (satellite dish, dvd player, vcr, etc.). The complex also has a nice pool. You'd need to pay for your own phone line, but we've included all other utilities with previous renters. We generally do a month-to-month lease. One small pet is ok. Non-smokers only. If you are also into lifting and getting huge, that would also be a plus (nice to split the protein powder and supplement bill <g>). If you are interested, or if you know anyone who might be,  please e-mail us with contact information, and we'll get back to you! ;-)

We hope everyone out there had a great holiday. We had a very nice and relaxing, but busy one. You can see what we did on our HOLIDAYS 1999 page.

This update also brings you some more buddy pics. We finally moved the site to a provider that doubled our disk space. I'm sure we'll have no problems filling it up though, as we go through 2000. Let us know if you have any problems accessing the site, or any comments about speed, etc.

Also for something kind of different, we helped our buddy STEVE with a photo shoot for his website. You can see a preview of some of the musclebearz that will be on it when you check out our preview pics here.

We think we're finally caught up with everything as far as this website goes. That means that if you don't see a pic or something you sent us on here, write and let us know. We'll fix things ASAP! Also, if you have any ideas on how to make the site more manageable, please shoot those over to us too. We're still looking to redesign the site, and any ideas you have would be most appreciated. Thanks again!



Here's the most recent update. You'll find a new buddy page with lots of hunky new friends. Some of these pics we've been holding onto for a bit, but finally we've had a chance to update them. Sorry once again for the delay. We plan on moving the site to a web hosting service that will allow more space, and we're also getting a DSL line installed by the end of the year, which should improve our upload times.

We're going to try to get one more update in the next week, but if we don't, we hope that you all have a great Christmas or Solstice (we celebrate both around here...more presents  :-)  ) and we'll see you all after the holiday. It's been a terrific year, and all of your support of our site has been a part of it. Thanks for everything!


We really have to find time to update more than once a month! Thanks for being so patient though!

Along with work, school, and other distractions, we've had to go through and take out some of the older pics, the less viewed non-buddy pics, and pics of people we've lost track of. Why? Well, you are prowling over 50 megabytes of stuff when you visit our humble little cave here...and our ISP draws the line at just about that amount. Hopefully with this last "weeding" we'll have more room for growth!

Along those lines, if we mistakenly deleted a picture of you, or if you don't see a picture you sent us recently, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE write and let us know. We don't want to leave anyone out of the fun!

We are also looking at doing a complete overhaul of the site. By this we mean that we just want to make it easier to navigate, and we want to update it's look a bit. Don't worry...we're not going to turn this into some sort of a pay site or add advertisements or anything like that. It's still going to be a celebration of our musclebear buddies and ourselves. We just want to make things easier on our guests! If you have any ideas about how we might go about this, please let us know!

As for this update, check out the new buddy page. We think you'll agree it was worth the wait!

As always, thanks for all the notes, pictures, and friendship!  WOOFS from the two of us to all of you! ;-)


We've finally had time to do an update! Sorry this one took so long, since we know that many of you were waiting for it. You know how it is when you have work, street fairs, house guests, etc.  ;-)  Anyhow, in this update, you'll finally get to see the pics from this year's Folsom Street Fair. It was awesome! Our buddies ANTHONY and SCOTT also had a little pre-festival brunch, and we've included pics from that also.

Also in this update, you'll find some pictures of the 1999 San Francisco Bodybuilding Championships. The competition was good, and there were a few familiar faces from our gym in San Jose up on the stage there. The best part though were the two guest posers, Flavio Baccianini and Mike Matarazzo. Flavio is local and we've seen him plenty of times, but Mike Matarazzo was something else! WOOF!

Finally, we've started another new buddy page. Since it's been so long since we've done one, let us know if you sent us a pic and we left you off. If we did, it was a mistake! Just let us know, and we'll get your pic up there ASAP. Also, if any of you have updated pics, please send those along also!

As always, let us know what you think. We'll try to have more updates soon.


We went to Monterey over Labor Day weekend to celebrate our two-year anniversary! It was very romantic. Check out the pics here. ;-)

Also, the owner's of The Bear's Hitching Post has awarded us 5 Woofs. Thanks, a lot, Scutter! We're not sure how we got picked, but we're honored just the same. He even sent us this little banner for the page...

5award.jpg (18772 bytes)


We hope to see you guys at Folsom Street Fair on Sunday, September 26, 1999. If you are going, let us know. We'd love to meet up with you. Along those lines, a group of us are meeting at the San Francisco Gold's Gym the day before on Saturday, September 25. We'll be there about 1 pm or so. We hope to see a big turn out for both the gym workout and the fair itself the next day!

Gold's Gym in San Francisco is at 9th Street and Brannan. If you need a map, just click here. See you at 1pm on Saturday the 25th! Let us know if you plan on being there, so we can keep an eye out for ya!!


Thanks to ROBERT and CHUCK for organizing a great BEARS GET WET get-together at Waterworld USA last weekend! We were definitely the best looking group there! ;-) Judge for yourself by looking at some of the pics from the event.

Also, we forgot to credit him last update, but our bud MIKE sent in some more pics from Dore Alley Fair. Check them out!


We hope we'll see a lot of you at the Concord Waterworld USA waterslides on Saturday the 28th of August! Don't wait for a special invite...just show up! ;-)  You are more than welcome!!

Also, this update brings a new buddy page, along with some pictures from the San Jose Bodybuilding Championship prejudging. Check it out and let us know what you think!


We've posted a new buddy page with some picture updates and some new buddies. Also, our buddies CHUCK and ROBERT want us to pass along an invite for this year's BEARS GET WET party on August 28th. Click here for more details!  Hope to see you there!


Dore Alley Fair was yesterday and we had a blast! You can see some of the many musclebearz in attendance on our Dore Alley 1999 page. Have fun! This is just a preview of Folsom Street Fair in September...so make your travel plans now! Let us know what you think!


Here are some much awaited updates.  We have a new Buddy Page started, so check out all the updated pictures. Also, we finally had a chance to post pictures from the San Jose and San Francisco Pride Parades and Festivals. Check them out. As always, please let us know what you think. We always enjoy hearing from you. If you'd like, send a pic while you are at it! ;-) We love making new buddies, and seeing updated pics from guys we already have on the pages! Hope to hear from you soon!


Sorry updates are taking so long, but we've been very busy with vacations, Pride weekends, and work! ;-) But finally, here are some pics of our trip to New York City. Check out "Bears on Broadway." Upcoming updates will include more Buddy Pages and Pride Pics. Thanks for being so patient! As usual, send us any pics that you want to share, along with any updates, comments, etc.


Back from Bear Pride and a week in NYC. Check out our BEAR PRIDE page, and the gym pics we took there. There's more to come later! Let us know what you think!


Here are some pics from a recent leg workout. Also, we've got a new Buddies page, with lots of updated and new pics of our friends. As usual, let us know what you think!

We'll be heading to BEAR PRIDE in Chicago over Memorial Day, so this will probably be the last update until we get back. If you see us there, don't be shy! Come up and say "HOWDY!" ;-)  If we don't see you there, have a great holiday!


Finally! Proof that we don't work just arms! ;-)  Check out our killer back workout with our buddy CHRIS. Also, huge RAY from Texas sends us an updated pic!  Woof! As always you can send us updated pics (or even your first one) so we can watch you getting huge!


Another update!  We've added a few new buddies and some updates of some "old buddies." ;-) Also, our buddy CHRIS joins us for a killer arm work out, and we've got the pics to prove it!

Will we see ya at BEAR PRIDE 1999 in Chicago over Memorial Day weekend?  We hope so! Write and let us know if you are going to be there, and while you're at it, include a pic so we know who to look for! ;-)


We've just made our plans to be in Chicago for BEAR PRIDE 1999. We hope to meet up with some of you there! If you see us, please come up and say "hi!"  We often get mail from people who say they saw us out at this event or that event, but didn't come up and talk to us because we looked intimidating!  Well, as those who know us well know, we only look the part! ;-) We are actually very friendly, so please put those fears aside, and come up and make a new buddy!

For this update, another page of buddy pics is added. As always, please send us your pictures, and updates! We love hearing from you!


A few new updates! Check out some new gym pics taken during a killer arm workout. Also, a few new buddies and some updated pictures from some other buddies. Enjoy! Please drop us a line and let us know what you think!


Sorry the updates, haven't been as quick as we'd like them to be. You know how life gets busy at times! On the other hand, now you have a ton of new stuff to look at! ;-) As always, we appreciate all your notes about these pages, and the MuscleBearz on them!

Check out a brand new buddy page. You can also see some pics of ERIC'S housewarming (many MuscleBearz in attendance), and pictures of our trip to Disneyland. Also, STEVE from Texas takes first in a powerlifting meet. STEVE from LA sends us another progress pic...this time at over 250 pounds! Woof!

We promise to get the updates posted a bit sooner, as long as you promise to write and tell us how much you enjoy them! We love seeing pictures and getting e-mail, so please send us some! Hope you enjoy this update, and we hope to hear from you soon! ;-)


A few new buddies join the "Buddies 10" page. Steve sends us a new progress pic.  He's up to 240 lbs., and still growing!  Woof! We'd love to see more pics like this as you grow.  Send us any "before and after" pics as you bulk up in preparation for summer! Thanks as usual, everyone!


We've had a busy month here at the Cave, so we apologize for the delay in updating.   We hope you'll find the wait worth it, though!  Check out our tenth buddy page! Also, John and Charlie go to the Ironman Pro Invitational bodybuilding show, and you get to see the pics of the hunky guys in the audience, and some pics of the competitors. Also check out some pics of pro bodybuilder Greg Kovacs!

As always, let us know what you think!   Thanks for all the notes about our site, and about our pictures in BEAR magazine! ;-)


Well, Bear Rendezvous was a lot of fun! It was great to finally meet so many of you who visit these pages. Thanks a lot for the words of encouragement. We do this just for fun, and we're glad you enjoy it also!

Here are some pictures from the various Bear Rendezvous events and from the Lonestar this last weekend. We wanted to get these up ASAP, so we'll be organizing them better and adding e-mail links later. If your picture is up here and you don't want it here, just let us know! Also, if we don't have your name and e-mail address, please send it to us so we can link your picture to your e-mail!

Also, as some of you may know, we had some pictures taken for BEAR magazine. Well, they are finally out! Go check out BEAR magazine, number 53, for some more "intimate" pictures of your humble hosts. ;-) You can also get a preview at the Brush Creek Media site.  Also, we've been putting on some good size. Look here!  ;-)

As always, let us know what you think! ;-)



Saturday, February 13, 1999.
11am until ??? (We'll personally be there until around 1pm or so...)
Meet at Gold's Gym in San Francisco (9th and Brannan).

A Daily Pass for non-Gold's members without travel passes from their home Gold's Gym is $15.

This is going to be VERY casual.  No set plans or activities...just lots of heavy iron and muscle and fur!  If you plan on attending, please come up and say, "Hi!"  We'll have the ol' digital camera there ready to capture you at the height of pumpitude, so don't be shy!  ;-)  You might even drop us a line so we know to keep an eye out for you!

Hope to see you there!



Will you be going to Bear Rendezvous in San Francisco on February 11-15? We'll be there, and hope you will be too! Our buddy Derek thought it would be fun to invade Gold's Gym in San Francisco on the afternoon of Saturday, February 13th. We think it's a great idea! So, if you want to join us, let us know. We'll set a time, but right now we're aiming for late morning, around 11am or so, before the "Official Events" start. Maybe we can all go eat somewhere afterwards. If you are interested, write us and we'll e-mail you back details and a map to the gym if you need it. Daily fee for the gym is about $15, but if you have a travel pass from any other Gold's Gym, it's free!

There's lots new on the site this time. Check out the Christmas Fun! Also we've got yet another page of new and updated buddy pictures for you to look at. Also, check out the amazing feats of our buddy Anthony as he qualifies for a strongman contest! ;-)  Did you see Mark McGwire's Sports Illustrated cover? Check it out, along with a few other pics of Big Mac from that issue!

Look for even more pics soon. John's getting a digital camera for his birthday, which should make production of this page much easier! We're tweaking the pages a bit here and there trying to get them to load faster. Also, a major site redesign is in the works, to make pictures easier to find. Let us know how we are doing! ;-)


...and it only took three tries to type in the correct year! ;-)  Happy New Year one and all! We're very excited about the promise of a new year.  The new year means more opportunity for growth, both in the gym and out of it! But especially in it! It's also the time of year that's bulking season! High calories, high protein, heavy weights, and low aerobics (except on the ski slope). We'd love to see more pics of you all as you grow in the new year!  Just send them to us and we'll be happy to post them for you. In the meantime, check out some updated pics and some new additions to our buddies! Also Steve comes through again with a couple of new Nasser pics.  Enjoy!


Well, Christmas is right around the corner, so a Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it, and best wishes to all of you in the coming year regardless of "holiday preference!" ;-) We've really enjoyed getting to know you all and look forward to meeting a new set of musclebear buddies in the coming months! Your feedback on our pages has been terrific and much appreciated!  Thanks again!

For updates this time, check out the new crop of buddies. We've also added a few new favorite links, along with links to buddies who have given us a web page address to share. Finally, Steve from S. California has provided us with the first in a series of progress pictures. Watch as he grows over the next few months! If you want to join in the fun, and let us all watch as you get bigger and bulkier over the off-season, please send up pictures (preferably the same type of pose) once a month or so, or as you think you are showing some progress!


Happy Holidays everyone!  Things have been busy here at the Cave, but we finally had a few minutes to post a few new buddy pics. Also, buddy Steve came through with some more Nasser El Sonbaty guest posing pics!  This is some prime beef!  Thanks, Steve! Look for more of his contest photography here soon.


A few more buddy pics and a new pic of Nasser El Sonbaty, courtesy of buddy Steve.  Thanks!


More buddies and some updated pics this week.  Look for them here!  Also, Chris and Joe were able to find a place! Thanks if you were able to help out!


We got some film developed finally! And you all have been sending some great pics! Check out all the new buddies on the "Buddies Ride Again" and the "Return of Buddies" pages! We promise we'll stop with the movie sequel puns as soon as we figure out something catchier to name our pages!

Also, if you are in the Bay Area, two new SF Area musclebears, Chris and Joe, are looking for a cave to call their own. If you have any leads on apartments for rent, let them know by dropping them a note! Thanks much!


We guess you all got inspired this weekend, since Monday's e-mail bought lots of goodies we just had to share with you! Check out Blaine and Steven's impressive efforts in powerlifting and bodybuilding. Their newest pics are here! We also have a few new buddies and Halloween pics to share.  Keep them coming, everyone!


Lots of new stuff this update.  Look for new buddy pics on "Still More Buddies" and the new "Buddies Ride Again" page. Also, John and Charlie were in West Hollywood for some Halloween fun. Check out some of the pics. Finally, Dwade, one of the sweetest musclebears you will ever meet, sends us some of his pics from his GOLD MEDAL winning effort at the Gay Games in Amsterdam. Way to go, Dwade!

Once again, thanks for all the notes and compliments on the site. We really enjoy bringing our studly buddies to you and hope that you enjoy the site as much as we enjoy making it. As always, feel free to drop us a note with comments, suggestions, and pictures!  We are getting lots of mail, but we do try to write back to everyone eventually. If you don't hear from us in a week or so, feel free to drop us a note with a gentle reminder!


Just a "small" (heh, heh) update this time, with some new buddies joining the fun. Drop them a note, guys!


Here are the pics from the Folsom Street Fair. Also, a few new buddies join our gallery.


John and Charlie meet pro bodybuilder Nasser El Sonbaty!   We also finish scanning and posting our vacation pics...had to finish up that roll of film, ya know!


A few more buddies join the fun in our gallery. Also, read about the accomplishments of our buddies on the Bears Do Good page. If you know someone who deserves a mention here, let us know!

Also, thanks for all the notes, you've been sending us saying that you like the pages!   It's nice to know a hobby like this can bring some enjoyment to others. 

Another special thank you to the guys who come up to us in public and say, "Hi," or that you recognize us from our web pages. We always like meeting new people, so don't be afraid to come up and say howdy! We're friendly bears...even before we've eaten!


Seven new buddies join our web gallery!  Drop them a line and say "HOWDY!"  In fact, all our friends love getting e-mail, so we hope you are telling them all how much you are enjoying our site. Same goes for us too!   Drop us a note and let us know what you like about our site. If you have musclebear buddies, tell them about the site too!


A few new pictures and a few new links!   Also, look for our new domain name, www.musclebearz.com coming soon!!


Many new pics!  Check out More Buddies, Dore Alley Fair, Bears Get Wet, and Vacation!


Now you can read About Us, and also meet some more of Our Buddies.


Favorite Links page now active.  Send in your suggestions for additions!


Our Buddies has more pics of our friends, along with some pictures from San Francisco and San Jose Pride.


The MuscleBear Gym now has pics and an essay that was on John's old web page.
Our Buddies now has working e-mail links, so you can drop a note to all the hot guys!


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